I decided to start this blog (2010) because my son, John-Robert gave me a One Year Bible for Christmas, the New Living Translation... reading it has changed my life... I post a daily Bible verse on my Facebook page every day and it has been well received... I thought that this would be a wonderful way to share part of what I read each day!... I hope that you enjoy it.

This Year 2012 I am going to do things a little different... not much...just a little. I am again reading through my One Year Bible (for the 3rd time). But I am also using "The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word" by Joyce Meyer. This book is divided by putting scriptures under different categories so they can be used to speak over our life situations. Each day I will read a category of scripture and pick a scripture in that category to write about.



Sunday, March 13, 2011


Proverbs 11:8 God rescues the Godly from trouble, and it falls to the wicked instead.

My Thoughts
Oh wow.... what a verse to put to memory.  The question "I know you act like a Christian, but do you react like a Christian?" really goes along with this verse.  Have you ever got caught up in a situation at, lets say work?  You know one of those situations where you are being mistreated and you began to react in ways that you know are wrong?.... you are just so tired of it all!  Then before you know it you at least look to be as much to blame as the other person?  You actually have become to be as much to blame.. it is just hard to admit it to yourself.  If you really examine and are honest with yourself... you didn't "react like a Christian."  God expects us to have integrity and character.... God expects people to see Him in us... When we become Christians we become a representation of God.... and we should be a representation of God's love.  This is not always an easy thing to do because our earthly body wants to react in an earthly way.  But all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4 :13).  Now going back to the work place... if we act Godly all the time... if we are a living, breathing example of the love of God... if we work hard like the Bible instructs us... if we constantly building people up and refusing to tear people down.... if no one... not one single person sees us act ugly, hears us talk about another person... if people are use to seeing us be only good and sweet and kind... if we are always going about doing our jobs. If we are covering all of this, when bad things happen at work people can not point a finger at us!... If a customer calls in a complaint no one will even think it could be you... no one could lie about you... when the wicked started acting out trouble could only fall on their head.  Imagine if you went to work and never, ever gossiped, the boss didn't hear you gossip, the other employees didn't hear you gossip... you walked away when people started gossiping... what if people heard you say only good things about others...no matter what others were going around saying about you... then a rumor started...one that was hurtful and harmful... you would never ever be considered to be a party to that rumor.  God would rescue you from trouble.  As Christians we have to do our part!... we have free will and we have choices to make... we need to learn to choose to be Godly...only good can come out of that choice.  If the world chooses to mistreat us because we choose to act Godly... God will give back to us anything taken from us... and what God gives us is always good.

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