I decided to start this blog (2010) because my son, John-Robert gave me a One Year Bible for Christmas, the New Living Translation... reading it has changed my life... I post a daily Bible verse on my Facebook page every day and it has been well received... I thought that this would be a wonderful way to share part of what I read each day!... I hope that you enjoy it.

This Year 2012 I am going to do things a little different... not much...just a little. I am again reading through my One Year Bible (for the 3rd time). But I am also using "The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word" by Joyce Meyer. This book is divided by putting scriptures under different categories so they can be used to speak over our life situations. Each day I will read a category of scripture and pick a scripture in that category to write about.



Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Philippians 4:12 For I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.

My Thoughts
This is one of those verses we are taught to remember as a child. Chances are most all of us have heard this verse. It is at the least one we recognize. It always seemed so broad to me so I really could not wrap my mind around it. The devil like to put in those "Really, all things? you can't sing!" type thoughts in my head anytime I would ponder this verse. After getting to know God and what he promises me I begin to be able to wrap my mind around this verse.  I can do all the things that God ask me to do. God's grace is sufficient. (2 Cor. 12:9).  I have learned not to go around and find the things I think I can't do... when I do that the devil is ready at hand to step in and add to the list.  I just need to know that anything God puts in my path is doable because I have the Grace of God, the Strength of Christ. As I grow in God the more able I become. That is because my faith grows stronger, when I believe gets broader.  I have learned that I CAN do all things through Christ, who give me strength.  And to wrap my mind around just what this means I have learned to replace "all things" with the task in front of me.  It works every time.  So if I am at the end of a long day, exhausted and the phone rings and a friend need a helping hand... I know this is something God would have me do... instead of getting up and saying I am just to tired to do this. I have learned to say "I can go pick up these prescriptions because Jesus gives me his strength." ...and each time I do this I find that when I return I am much less tired than I was before I got the phone call. 

Today when you are faced with a challenge... when the devil puts one of those energy draining thoughts in your head...  say out loud, so your mind hears it twice  "I can do _____________ with Christ who gives me His strength." 

God spoke the world into existence.  We should never under estimate the power of speaking God's word over our lives!! There is nothing more powerful!

Note to Devil:  God never ask me to sing, he just ask me to make a joyful noise to the Lord and that I CAN do!

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